Warning! Sorry if this kills your eyes (everything I draw seem to do that) but uh, 3D glasses don’t really do much for this pic. I tried. And it killed my eyes even more.

Okay I have no idea how this—I don’t know—just—this is weird. I don’t know. Half way through, I realised this is probably the fact that I’ve powered through season 1 of Game of Thrones. Scarecrow!Alfred was supposed to have an astronaut helmet originally. Okay. 

Grunge texture from here.


Colouring of a work doodle (as you can tell, it’s on a piece of cardboard thingy? xDD It was someone’s cake receipt ;D). That’s the broom I use xDD I’d imagine Alfred getting distracted every time he tries to clean and do stuff like this to entertain himself :>

Axis Powers Hetalia belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya! Captain America and all related symbols/logos belongs to Marvel Comics~


I really like this style actually. Too bad it shall never be seen again OTL So this is Arthur wearing glasses (‘cause I like drawing glasses) and reading-ish a non-descriptive book (because I thought it was too thick to be porn and too thin to be the Encyclopedia Britannica /shot).

Axis Powers Hetalia is Hidekazu Himaruya’s.


More stuff from dA! A failed attempt at drawing a chibi xDD So it’s just Jade Harley in John’s godtier outfit ‘cause I said so 8D (and it looks really, really comfy :>)

Homestuck is Andrew Hussie’s.

"Rest in Peace, Dear Aradia"

The beginnings of moving my dA pieces here :> Good thing my gallery’s basically tiny xDD

Here’s some Homestuck, of Aradia Megido to be precise~I like her horns best >u<

Homestuck is Andrew Hussie’s~

"98% Unknown"

Yep, this is a pic from my main blog that I never posted on dA >u< I actually really like it and it’s based from a uber rough work doodle : > I had fun and this is inspired by one of my most favourite fanfic ever “General Relativity” (which can be found here!)(Yes, it’s an Axis Powers Hetalia fic, by the way :>) Neither of which I own so yeah xDD

This was also inspired by a seminar thing I listened to at school a while ago about astronomy and the universe and all that beautiful stuff. The university prof speaker mentioned that we still don’t know what 98% of the universe is made out of and that just struck me.