I need to stop starting so much stuff and never finishing any of it OTL 

Scan of a doodle that I tried to fix up and failed OTL

Crumpled texture from here.

Everything I do turns out awkward :S On the other hand, I’m pooped that my USB got fried last night and I lost everything on it /sigh So have some unintentional 2P!Alfred ‘cause I think they’re pretty damn cool and I’ve been meaning to draw some for awhile now.

Being art-blocked hurts. 

Yeah, that’s supposed to be fem!USA and England (who’s drunk by the way). I had this whole story in my head as I was drawing.

Axis Powers Hetalia always belong to Hidekazu Himaruya.

Warning! Sorry if this kills your eyes (everything I draw seem to do that) but uh, 3D glasses don’t really do much for this pic. I tried. And it killed my eyes even more.

Okay I have no idea how this—I don’t know—just—this is weird. I don’t know. Half way through, I realised this is probably the fact that I’ve powered through season 1 of Game of Thrones. Scarecrow!Alfred was supposed to have an astronaut helmet originally. Okay. 

Grunge texture from here.

I think I consider Alfred one of those people that are either super energetic in the morning or they’re as dead as zombies. Are there people like that in real life?? Haha sorry for the blinding colours!!

"Summer in March"

My way of procrastinating and attempting to cool off from the really hot weather that suddenly came to southern Ontario :>

Axis Powers Hetalia and all related characters belong to Himaruya Hidekazu!


Colouring of a work doodle (as you can tell, it’s on a piece of cardboard thingy? xDD It was someone’s cake receipt ;D). That’s the broom I use xDD I’d imagine Alfred getting distracted every time he tries to clean and do stuff like this to entertain himself :>

Axis Powers Hetalia belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya! Captain America and all related symbols/logos belongs to Marvel Comics~