Hmmm some FrUK ‘cause I’ve never drawn ‘em and I like ‘em. I dunno. And I should stop my habit of posting in the middle of the night/morning.

"With Only the Rain to Keep Me Company"

An (awkward) drabble thingy to go with

For St. Valentine’s Day once more~<3 This is my first GIF so it’s kinda odd but I’m kinda happy :> All for my own Valentine, Bri, I love you lots!

Enjoy and I hope everyone has fun celebrating whether it’d be with your love or shipping UKUSUK xDD Or anything else~

"Just the Right Amount of Awkward"

"Hey, wanna go out on a date with me?"

"Git, we’re already dating!"

"…I meant for Valentine’s Day."

"…Oh. Sure…"

That’s the convo I kept imagining them having as I was drawing xDD Anyway, early Valentine’s Day thingy (partly for compensation to my darling Brianna~) in case I don’t make it for the actual holiday xD So have a not-so-quick doodle thingy!

Axis Powers Hetalia and all characters involved belong to Himarua Hidekazu! Title is part of the lyrics of the song “Who’d Have Known” by Lily Allen (introduced to me by the lovely Bri~)


I really like this style actually. Too bad it shall never be seen again OTL So this is Arthur wearing glasses (‘cause I like drawing glasses) and reading-ish a non-descriptive book (because I thought it was too thick to be porn and too thin to be the Encyclopedia Britannica /shot).

Axis Powers Hetalia is Hidekazu Himaruya’s.