Yay! She’s back and kickin’ ass, as always (even though this has nothing to do with the episode haha). This feels so springy plus I have no clue what I did to her dress like what is happening

PS: Happy Canada Day even though this has nothing to do with anything wow I’m so far from relevant

holla for bacon wallace aka best roommate ever and your new god. but for real, it’s really weird seeing toronto in the comic book/movie. 

Drawn for my sister a while ago as part of Tendo’s birthday (bagel cakes should be a thing) !!! You probably can’t tell but he’s my favourite character in PR by a long shot haha.

Loving minor characters is a double edged sword

For anyone that needs some serious bro cuddling in their life right now.

For setsailslash's birthday because I'm a gajillion years late, as always. Domestic!Kiddies!Chuck & Mako because domestic AUs are the best ;D I'll do better next time (haha, as if). Much love <3

Insignia for the jaeger, Lucky Seven (piloted by Herc Hansen & Scott Hansen). Transparent BG and everything.

(Frick, I took a lot of artistic licensing with this ‘cause man, the only image from the movie was super tiny and super faded so there.) Feel free to use for whatever strikes your fancy,

Final project that went meh.

Pictionary! Nah, just some icons for an upcoming group project :O

Family first. Always.